Cabbage Patch Nursery Cabbage Patch Nursery

Our Cabbage Patch Nursery based in Wishaw has been running since 1997.

Ashlea Lambert

Ashlea Lambert

01698 355715


4a Netherton Road
North Lanarkshire

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri, 07:30-18:00

The nursery only closes between Christmas & New Year.

What do parents say about about Cabbage Patch Nursery?

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Hayley McCavitt
Average Rating: 4.7 November 2018

“Staff have made a big effort to get to know my baby. They are very friendly and it is clear that she feels settled with them. I love the online journals! The staff clearly make a huge effort to note everything down and I love that I can access information about what activities she has done and what she has eaten. I would absolutely recommend the nursery to others. The communication, in general, is fantastic. I am so glad I picked The Cabbage Patch!”

Abbey Byers
Average Rating: 4.9 October 2018

“I love this nursery for my little girl. The staff are all very welcoming and friendly. My little girl is normally shy and scares away from other adults but she will go to any one of the members of staff at the Cabbage Patch with a smile on her face. I am more than relaxed when leaving her in their care. I also love getting feedback on what activities my daughter took part in on a day to day basis, it gives me ideas on what we can do in our own house for fun too. My daughter?s development has come on leaps and bounds since starting this nursery in August. I don?t have one negative thing to say about them.”

Natalie Barr
Average Rating: 5 October 2018

“All the nursery staff are fab. The nursery is clean and my wee girl loves her time there. Would recommend here to everyone!”

Laura Britton
Average Rating: 4.8 October 2018

“This nursery Cabbage Patch is amazing. Not in the greatest location but does that really matter as the nursery itself is well maintained to provide excellent care and education from baby to 5yr. Staff are really great with the kids in play and learning. My daughter started just before her 1st birthday and she is coming up for 3 and the learning she has had is fantastic. Her speech has come on, she can count, play with others and she always comes home with a lovely, happy smile. When you ask how was nursery she say good and tells me all about it.”

Rebecca McGuire
Average Rating: 4 October 2018

“My son loves going to nursery, he also has a great relationship with most of the girls. His development since beginning the nursery has been great and he continues to amaze me on a daily basis.”

Melissa Thomson
Average Rating: 4.6 October 2018

“My son goes to the nursery and really enjoys it. The girls are welcoming and always really supportive of what he needs.”

Kayleigh Spence
Average Rating: 4.8 October 2018

“My daughter has settled in well to Cabbage Patch Nursery. All the staff are excellent with the children and have a great relationship with the parents and are good at communicating also. My daughter does different activities every day and I?ve seen her development grow dramatically from starting nursery. I feel very comfortable knowing she is in a safe and happy environment.”

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Cabbage Patch Nursery Exterior
Cabbage Patch Nursery Exterior
Cabbage Patch Nursery Garden
Cabbage Patch Nursery Garden
Cabbage Patch Nursery Baby room
Cabbage Patch Nursery Baby room
Cabbage Patch Nursery 3-5 room
Cabbage Patch Nursery 3-5 room
Cabbage Patch Nursery 2-3 room
Cabbage Patch Nursery 2-3 room

Any questions? Email Cabbage Patch Nursery at or call 01698 355715.